I bought an item on Walmart web site and some one from Shopsmart hacked into my account and sd i order the memember from them , which I did not. They hit my account for 12.97 for 3 month and refused to credit it back to my acciunt. Shopsmart refuse to let me talk to a...
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I shop at a walmart store and this person from 888-734-7456 ct was able to go into my walmart account and charge me $9.97 on October and November accumulation of $19.97 and when three way calling from my bank with smartshoper and walmart, was shocking. Walmart dose...
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Barry Martin

I don't know what's going but some kind of way my card was used and I found no had used it. I know that I want my money but don't know where to start it wasn't much but it's p...

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